Architect and artist, known as, Albertini, is a tireless experimenter,she has always linked her research to light and movement. In the last period she favors for her sculptures the colored bronze with particular patinas in light tones. With critical success, she pursues her artistic research by exploiting her innate ability to interpret the human figure by directly modeling the material without artificiality. Her sculptures combine the tradition of the use of ancient bronze material with a modern and personal interpretation of the human figure.

Contemporary works that live in the history of contemporary art in full autonomy and that have led Albertini to important collaborations with Italian and foreign galleries and in 2017 to exhibit her works in several collateral events at the 57th edition of the Venice Biennale.

With critical success Albertini carries on this artistic research by exploiting her innate ability to interpret the human figure, directly molding the material “from the heart”, as a pure act without artificiality. Figures suggested only by the pure creativity of the artist and her great technical ability, both with the brush and with clay, with the sole intent to give life to her emotions by shaping the material and painting original images, mostly feminine.

A research by Albertini, linked to movement, light and the balance of the figures represented. Figures that move in the narrow space of their pedestal or the picture, they seem to want to detach, go out, jumping and running until they remain poised on the tip of the feet

“Tying to eternity of bronze my sculpture is eternity for me.”

Here the reference is made in some works to classical art, with dark and aged bronzes that recall the oxidation of bronze over time. The contrast is aluminum which, unlike bronze, is a modern and current light material.

Hence the ancient and eternal heavy bronze material and the light and modern aluminum as its “shadow” in the opposite direction.

“I have produced double sculptures, bronze and aluminum, that want to express this contrast and the sense of” duplicity “, of modern and ancient, of light and shadow … The starting point of my poetics is matter and mold it from an image that comes to me from within . They are not copies of reality, they are not real subjects, they are subjects born of a feeling. The subject is born through the material and what from my imprint is molded . My subjects are born only from the manipulation of matter, without a pre-established project, they alone represent and identify themselves. It is through the processing of matter that the self-identification of the artistic subject takes place.

It is a liberating process, in contrast to that of my work as a designer and architect “Albertini interviews TV Varese 2016

Short biographical note

. Albertini is a 360 degree artist, architect, painter and sculptor. Having graduated at the Art School and graduated with honors at the Politecnico di Milano in Architecture, she attended the Libero Nudo course at the Accademia di Brera in Milan to perfect her natural aptitude for representing the human figure.

Her production, eclectic and multifaceted, is divided among the paintings of the early period, wood and terracotta sculptures, and today sculptures in bronze, aluminum and resin. The artistic research of Albertini enriches, besides oil painting, acrylic, watercolors and wood inlays also various experimental works.

This is how the series of “brasses”, oil paintings on brass plates and paintings on a fluorescent surface, or the series of paintings of the period related to her travels in the Sahara desert, with the use of sand and gold and line gestures.

Her research goes through female figurative representation as a woman’s intimate speech. Starting from the line gestures that takes shape, maintaining over time the fundamental colors such as red, blue and then gold in the paintings, passing from the sign gestures to the imprint on clay with her first ceramics, then moving on to bronze castings and aluminum. The gold background of the paintings that initially was only acrylic was transformed into brass plate, where the search for the reflection of light and the need to make the spectator participate in the reflections of the painted brass plates.

In recent years she has participated in numerous exhibitions with an high response at national and international level. Albertini is present with numerous solo and group exhibitions and contemporary art fairs exhibiting in Milan, Padua, Venice, Turin, Genoa, Berlin, London, Parma, Lucca, Mantua.